Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Business

Wi-Fi Networks

High quality Wi-Fi networking components installed professionally by a certified technician, with enterprise level control and management at small business prices and sizes.

Take control of your business’s Wi-Fi network with full access and monitoring of your Wi-Fi devices from a centralized location. Be able to tell where your coverage is, and where it isn't, reconnect poor quality clients with one click of a button and have a piece of mind that your business has full coverage Wi-Fi for when and where you need it most.

Either adding to an existing network or building it form the ground up CDM IT Solutions can help you take control over your network and provide the best quality Wi-Fi experience for your business’s office, warehouse, hotel, lodge, restaurant, lobby, or RV Park.

We can help you develop new or troubleshoot existing Wi-Fi networks and come up with a secure and highly available options for your business.

In today’s market having Wi-Fi in the office for your employees and patrons is almost a must as everything is moving to an online venue for better data access and management.

Let’s face it - mobile devices now control the market as they allow for convenient mobility for your sales force or just checking your work email on the go, these devices keep us connected and productive in your markets.

Having a well thought out Wi-Fi network can help your business growth and allow for availability of network resources without running a lot of cables and wires to all your workstations. This allows for convenient organization of floor space and mobility of devices around your office, take your laptop or tablets to a meeting and still have access to all your company’s network resources, such as network attach storage and intranet.

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