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We can setup, install and configure your FreeNAS Small Business Server.

"FreeNAS is powerful enterprise-grade storage with a comprehensive user interface designed to make the world’s most advanced file system (ZFS) easier to use (iX Systems,2018)."

Critical Data/Application

"FreeNAS® is an embedded open source network-attached storage (NAS) operating system based on FreeBSD and released under a 2-clause BSD license. A NAS has an operating system optimized for file storage and sharing (iX Systems,2018)."

"Ask yourself: is your storage application critical to your business operations? Can storage downtime be measured in hundreds or thousands of dollars lost per minute? (iX Systems,2018)" When storage is mission-critical, there’s no substitute for the guaranteed performance, functionality, high-availability (HA), and professional software support offered with an enterprise storage array. Let our experts finely tune your FreeNAS to hardened and synthesized with enterprise hardware designed for the uncompromising stability and performance that businesses require. It’s the best value in the enterprise storage market.

Security and File Sharing

FreeNAS makes it easy share your important files with only the people you want to share it with on many number of devices. FreeNAS does not restrict the number of users that can access your data. With FreeNAS intergated security settings there is no need to have a complex domain controller in your Small Business, as FreeNAS will make sure that users can only access the files that they are assigned to. FreeNAS is designed to protect your files with enterprise-level security features. Unlike proprietary file sharing services, your files are NEVER shared with or stored on a third-party server (iX Systems,2018).

Back Up Everything

"With FreeNAS, there are no storage quotas or bandwidth caps. The only limit is your own hardware. Local and remote backups can be made with just a few clicks. Replicate a snapshot to an offsite FreeNAS system to create a complete copy of your file system there. Checksums ensure only error-free data gets written to disk and the self-healing file system can repair silent bitrot as long as a redundant copy of the file exists on the system (iX Systems,2018)."

Protect Your Data

"FreeNAS is the first and only open source storage OS to offer encryption on ZFS volumes. Encrypted volumes can only be read by a FreeNAS system with the master key, which you can change at any time. An optional password can be added to protect the entire system from unauthorized access. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter malware, simply roll back to an uninfected state using a saved snapshot. Recovery takes minutes, not days (iX Systems,2018)."

Worry Free Deployment

With CDM IT Solutions FreeNAS service for your small business we take all the worry off you. We will work with you to get to know your business needs and help you pick out the exact hardware you need for your FreeNAS solution. With a worry free 90 day warranty, we can help you configure your data and new server to your needs, while getting all your existing data transferred into a well-organized work environment. Let our experts assist you in setting up users, directories, and file controls so your employees have access to what they need and only what they need.